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Made of Light Wedding Film - Mena + Nick

We're very proud to showcase this very candid and natural video of their wedding and would like to thank and congratulate the now husband and wife team to their very successful wedding day.

The day was perfect, the party was fun, the music band was amazing. I'd really like to invite you to head to their website if you're interest in seeing more of it. It really is the best music band for a wedding I've seen so far. This is because every single member of the group does it with passion, and you can really tell by the way they play. Hopefully I will be able to film another wedding with them as the main band.

Mena and Nick got married in Sydney and thankfully chose us as they saw our unique style and look, having a very cinematic feel to any film that comes from our production house. We will be producing more videography in the future, which will keep us happy as it gives us the chance to express our creativity, always keeping it artistic while refining our style continuously.


Mena + Nick Wedding Trailer from Made of Light on Vimeo.