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The Rocks Sydney Wedding Photography

Shooting weddings is such a joy, and second shooting has some wonderful benefits. You can be a little more subtle than the lead photographer, blending into the background and getting the candid moments of the ceremony and reception that really help round out a good wedding album. I had a wonderful opportunity to do just that recently, second shooting for the very talented Kellee Walsh of Kellee Walsh Photography. She gave Made of Light Photography the privilege to be part of that special day and I want to thank her for that.

The adoring couple were Jennifer and Juan, and the wedding took place in a cozy chapel nestled in The Rocks. On that note: To me there are few better places for a wedding in Sydney, not only are the iconic bridge and Opera house visible (and stunning) from the waterfront, but the area has a wonderful combination of rustic stones, breathtaking waterfront views and contemporary dining. Perfect for a classic ceremony followed by an exuberant reception.

That, really, was the wedding in short, classic but contemporary, a real regard for tradition with the chapel and the bride and groom arriving in beautiful early model Bentleys, even the kids looking very dapper in suits and dresses, all this with a reception that I think even the opera house could hear. I had a wonderful time helping Kellee capture memories that Juan and Jennifer will no doubt treasure forever and I wish them all the best in their life together, and as always a big thank you to Kellee for allowing me to shoot this wonderful occasion!