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New York, New York - Wedding

‘New York… New York…’ or so croons Mr Sinatra from one of my vague distant memories — ahh, what would it like to be in one of the most exciting city in the world? Only that I didn’t have to dream about it, I could SEE it for myself!

A BIG THANK YOU to Daniele and Debora, a lovely couple - he from Italy, she from the state of New York - whom we met whilst Daniele was traveling in Sydney, for allowing Made Of Light the privilege of doing your wedding photography. Not only did we enjoy being a part of your special day, but we were treated to a spectacular autumn in New York. Lovely blue skies mixed with the turning of golden red leaves, and the cool breeze made it perfect for sightseeing and of course, photo taking. There was so much to see and do. I would have happily stood in one of its streets and avenues and just looked!

Meeting with Daniele’s family was literally like meeting an extended part of family, well, sort of. I can say that as I’m Italian myself :) Daniele’s groomsmen and all the bridal party especially helped to make the photoshoot fun and relaxing. They were keen and eager to take part in all sorts of poses and suggestions.

Debora and Daniele took a very beautiful step when they decided to have a so called 'First Look'. It is beautiful because, unlike tradition, they get to see each other before the ceremony and have a chance to share their very first intimate moments together. It is a very nice thing to photograph, because so full of emotions.

However I must say the creativity from the outdoor shoot could not have prepared me for the craziness of the reception! I have never seen so many people dance as hard and for such a long time! The music kept on pumping, and as the tunes kept flowing, the dancing just kept on going. As a photographer, they are great moments to capture. Thank you to all the hipsters that night, especially the latinos on their salsa tunes.

As this was my first job in a foreign location, I definitely wanted to do a fantastic shoot for Daniele and Debora for choosing me as their Wedding Destination Photographer. I found the whole experience to be amazing and sometimes I still can’t believe I was there. What I have in the back of mind is, can I move to New York already?