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Wedding Photography with Lana

Here is a little 'treat' for your eyes. Like candy for kids, this post will just look tasty.

This is further to the Wedding in Sydney published in Australia's Modern Wedding Magazine. Editorial spreads can often be an intense process. There are models everywhere, a shot-list the size of a book and several locations to cover, it's a very full day even with two photographer.  Which is why it was nice to get some singular quality time during the recent Modern Wedding editorial with Lana of Wink Models. While the rest of the group separated off, Lana and I stuck by the water's edge and got some fantastic bride-only shots. Lana is obviously a professional, she knew just how the jut of a chin or the slight relaxing of the hands can totally make or break an image, and I think she absolutely nailed the ecstatic feeling a bride experiences on their wedding day. It shouldn't come  as a surprise to me, but I always am pleasantly exhilarated when I get the opportunity to shoot someone who knows what they do. And she knows it well.

Lana has a perfect look for what we were attempting with the shoot, her opal-green eyes strike through and compliment the blues and sandy yellows of Watsons Bay, and help to seat her well in the leafy greens of the nearby trees, her hair working wonderfully against the blue of the clear skies, and let's forget that glittering smile that really captures that aforementioned glow of a bride on her special day.

Watsons Bay itself deserves another mention, a quick check through my past work will tell you how much I love a waterside setting and Watsons Bay is one of my favourites.

Beautifully fine yellow sand, an azure blue sky above us and the gently rocking sail-boats, all right next to some wonderfully contemporary restaurants and relaxing areas to sit after a long day with the camera. It's not just a pretty background, it's also an incredibly accommodating and easy place to shoot.

So once again a big thank you to everyone involved with the Modern Wedding shoot, especially Love Note for the opportunity of letting Made of Light be a part of it, Modern Wedding Magazine, Wink Models, make up is by Elizabeth Mizyed for Make up Mode, Dress by Roz la Kelin, Model is Lana for Wink Models, Jewellery is Samantha Wills, Flowers by Oak & Linden. and of course the beautiful Lana for providing such a glowing subject.