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Wedding Photography - Alana + Anthony

The following wedding photography post is actually a wedding of a second wedding for the same couple in love. Let me explain…

Anthony and Alana met in Australia years ago, fell in love and decided recently to get married, but to do so with an elopement. So they went off to the salt lakes in the middle of nowhere to exchange their vows to each other unofficially. The only souvenir from that time that is left is the little ‘gondola’ shaped boat you can see, which I fittingly used in a photo with their rings in it, while I was taking a details shot.

Anthony’s family is Italian and therefore very warm and made this day very much about what a wedding should be: the family. The old and the new. Through the generations, forming new ones.

Anthony and Alana are two beautiful free-spirited people that love to be genuine, no matter what. So it was beautiful seeing, for example, the affection Anthony freely showed to his grandfather (nonno). Hats off to this kind of treatment.

Location where this wedding was shot is in Clifton Gardens in Mosman (Chowder Bay) at the Ripples Restaurant and the beach adjacent to it. Made of Light has been here a few times and loves it. We highly recommend it for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

They took the beautiful decision to get some photos done at Balmoral Beach as well as on their private water taxi to Darling Harbour, via the Harbour Bridge. Of course we were very excited about the opportunity of taking photos for this adventure!

Enjoy our selection!