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Engagement Photography - Bonnie + Thomas

When I suggested to Bon and Thomas that we should aim for a sunrise shoot, they simply replied to my text with a relaxed attitude. The idea of doing that got me really excited, since I hadn't done something like that before, but I knew that Sydney -being on the east coast - is just amazing at sunrise. Taking this couple in love out to this so special place was not only worth the effort, but the portraits speak for themselves. 

The colours are just unique and constantly changing, as you will be able to tell from the photos. You get blue and cool colours getting overtaken by spectacular warm fire colours. Of course, this means the photographer has to keep the pace, but with this engaged couple it was super easy. Despite the freezing temperatures Bonnie and Thomas were amazingly relaxed and simply natural and in love. I only had to give them minor instructions on posing and it seemed that they were just waiting for that moment. The moment of freedom in which they can be themselves and love each other.