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  • Wedding Photography - Alana + Anthony
    (24th of October, 2016)

    Anthony and Alana chose the Ripples at Clifton Gardens, Mosman for their wedding, getting married on the beach under a beautiful large tree.

  • Cinematic Wedding Film - Alex + Simona
    (20th of September, 2016)

    An Italian wedding in Sydney, captured by Made of Light and their Photographer and Videographer team.

  • New York, New York - Wedding of Daniele and Debora
    (11th of May, 2016)

    Fall in the state in New York is unique with all it's amazing colours. Coupled with a Wedding it made it for a perfect photography opportunity.

  • Made of Light Wedding Film - Mena + Nick
    (4th of May, 2016)

    Candid and natural wedding film. Videography with a cinematic look that's unique and the best in Australia. Nick and Mena got married in Sydney at an amazing property.

  • Davide + Cassandra Wedding Photography
    (13th of January, 2016)

    Find out about the top locations in Sydney and surroundings and see where Made of Light created stunning Wedding Photography

  • Engagement Photography - Bonnie + Thomas
    (23rd of June, 2015)

    A unique sunrise love shoot at Balmoral beach with some lovely portraits of Bonnie and Thomas for their engagement.

  • Traditional and Unconventional Sydney Wedding Photography
    (19th of May, 2015)

    A beautiful wedding photography display of a korean couple getting married in Breakfast Point, south Sydney. This was set up on a beautiful sunny australian day.

  • Sydney and Southern Highlands Wedding
    (6th of April, 2015)

    Recently Made of Light Wedding Photographer went to a very special wedding. Click to find out why.

  • The Rocks Sydney Wedding Photography
    (31st of January, 2015)

    Made of Light Wedding Photography was at The Rocks in Sydney to shoot Jennifer and Juan's wedding.

  • Sean & Erika's Wedding
    (13th of January, 2015)

    What comes next is a wedding that I probably won't ever forget. A relaxed yet fearless couple for relaxed and fearless wedding photography. Sean & Erika got married in Sydney's northern beaches, precisely in Palmbeach.

  • Wedding Photography with Lana
    (5th of January, 2015)

    A Wedding published in Modern Wedding Magazine. Exquisite and glowing photography by Made of Light.

  • David & Amy's Wedding
    (2nd of January, 2015)

    Wagga is probably as far as a Sydney Wedding Photographer can get into the country to photograph two people so much in love. The wedding was wonderfully prepared by all the siblings of the bride and groom.

  • Published! Modern Wedding Magazine
    (29th of December, 2014)

    Australia's Modern Wedding Magazine published Made of Light Wedding Photography in Watsons Bay. Click here to see some stunning inspirational photography for Weddings at the sea.

  • Dimitri & Alisha Wedding
    (28th of December, 2014)

    A young and fresh wedding, both at the beautiful Sans Souci beach as well as in leichhardt with a stunning bride and awesome wedding photography.

  • Brendan & Rachel's Wedding
    (14th of February, 2014)

    This particularly sweet couple got married in North Sydney and had their Wedding Photography done in Balmoral Beach with some lovely candid shots. Thanks for letting my wife and I be part of your wedding.

  • Engagement - Nick & Michela
    (14th of February, 2014)

    A beautiful and glamorous Engagement in Mudgee, NSW, Australia's lovely country town. The Canon 5D Mark III had just come out and I could experiment with it with this stunning surrounding and create great engagement photography.

  • Ashley & Christie Engagement
    (27th of January, 2014)

    Best Sydney Wedding Photographer shooting an Engagement and Pre-Wedding Photography Service in a beautiful wedding location.

  • José & Jess Engagement
    (30th of December, 2013)

    See a beautiful Pre-Wedding shoot at the beach as well as in Sydney Circular Quay and at the Opera House.

  • Andrew & Mahsuri's Wedding Photography
    (17th of October, 2013)

    A beautiful location at the beach with some candid and natural emotions captured during the wedding of Andrew and Mahsuri.