Yuri and Levi - Made of Light Sydney Wedding Photography

This Wedding started in Southern part of Sydney in a fairly small town in the highlands. It was certainly a lot of driving, given that the reception was in Wollongong, but it was really worth the effort. This is a more unique than rare occasion.

The thing that hit me the most, was seeing the couples' love going into depth when it comes to love braking any barrier that could present itself in life. When I asked my assistant photographer what he thought of the celebration, he said that half-way through it he had to hide his face behind the camera because he couldn't withhold his tears by seeing the genuine love that reigned in that moment. The fact that Yuri and Levi had to give their vows in sign language was really touching. 

This meant a reception all in sign language, even from Yuri, while it was contemporaneously translated for the hearing guests. Later on we had some dancing, which included everyone! There are plenty of candid moments that guarantee for a most beautiful choice for their wedding album. Made of Light Photography really appreciates the privilege to be part of that special day and we want to thank the couple for that.

The location photography was done in North Wollongong, near the light house next to the beach. The place delivered some breathtaking scenery of rocks and the waves braking against them, creating a very dramatic atmosphere. The clouds just added to it, which made us take them and their rain to our advantage. We also were very glad that both Yuri and Levi were just so relaxed and fearless in order to get the great shots.

It was one of our most special weddings so far, and we look forward to more of these.