José & Jessica's Engagement


Laugh and have fun. That seemed to be Jess and Jose's motto in life. They both are very bubbly and energetic, and especially in front of the camera they are an explosion of non-stop emotions.

With that basis it could only turn out as a great pre-wedding photography shooting. We chose to start off with Balmoral Beach as the sun was still quite high and seemed to be more natural in that location. Afterwards we caught the ferry from Mosman to Sydney City to then use the sundown for some sweet shots around the Opera House. Here too we had some decent clouds that made the sky just a better background for everything.

The beautiful thing about these two is, that you don't need to get the weird-in-front-of-the-camera-feeling off them before shooting. Jess and Jose' are so much in love that any time they get to be together, they will make sure to use it for themselves, even if pointed at with a camera. And so I had them hugging, laughing and even dancing for me, sometimes even without asking. Their engagement party was still to come, so they really loved having those pictures edited and early for both that and then later on. They used one of those images to be printed on their wedding gifts.