Deborah and Daniele



Ahh, what would it be like to visit one of the most exciting cities in the world? Only that I didn’t have to dream about it, I could SEE it for myself!

A BIG THANK YOU to Daniele and Debora, a very sweet couple - he from Italy, she from the state of New York. We met Daniele while he was traveling in Sydney and want to thank the, for allowing Made Of Light the privilege of being their very exclusive photographer doing your wedding photography. Not only did we enjoy being a part of your special day, but we were treated to a spectacular autumn in New York. The colors New York had to offer in that autumn (fall) was just jaw-dropping.

To my wife and I Daniele and Deborah's family was like an extension of ours, thanks to their warmth and hospitality.

Debora and Daniele decided to have a so called 'First Look'. It is something special since unlike tradition, they get to see each other before the ceremony and have a chance to share their very first intimate moments together. It is a very nice thing to have had the opportunity and privilege to assist that uniqe moment of their life.

Enough said.