Portrait Photography - Kitt

































Made of Light loves portraits and especially with such a beautiful combination of model and location. In the afternoon we set out to the ruins, yet surrounded by green land.

We wanted to create something light as air, as if something was raising from the old ruin. The dress Kitt wears in the earlier images creating contrast between the rock ground and  the soft white dress. The subtle blue hues of the dress link her to the sky and the water, juxtaposing her with the earth and stones around her. We then  used the natural bush and trees to create some editorial style photography, with rich earthen tones. I hope the scenery and warm light  provides a few of you with some nostalgia of sitting river or beachside with friends.

We loved working with Kitt. Besides her obvious beauty which worked exceptionally well with the palette I'd chosen for both locations, she is also very expressive, which makes the photoshooting much easier.

On a more technical note, the whole shooting was done on a Canon 1D. I applied a technique known as the Brenizer Method, a way of stitching together several images to create a thinner depth of field and a wider field of view, allowing me to include not just beautiful subject but also breathtaking context together in one image without losing one to the other, not to mention a level of detail that rivals medium format and makes for exquisite prints.