Fashion Photography Shoot - Bella and Caroline

The following photographs have been shot on film. Yes you read right, the old fashioned film that you have to get developed at the local mini lab. Not only that, but this was shot on medium format, for those of you with a film photography passion. The camera used was a Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II, which produces - like the name gives away - 6 x 7 images. Simply put: beautiful images with lots of definition and great depth of field, including an extreme macro close up option.

I have enjoyed my time with it, but these have been pretty much my last rolls to be used for professional purposes. It was great fun.

We love searching for new locations for any fashion and editorial photography shoots. It is beautiful to find places so mesmerizing and discovering always more stunning locations, while we're getting so overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Sydney. We feel so blessed to live in this place of the world and we're only looking forward to all the breathtaking backdrops nature has to offer. 

We were excited to do this fashion photoshoot for a distinguished Sydney based model agency ( Make sure to check out Neon’s beautiful range of models and get in touch with the very helpful and friendly people working hard to make it a solid and approachable model house.

Caroline from Sweden has that typical model-like look on her face, and at the same time loves a good deep conversation during our breaks and travels. The world and its mysteries... The greatest variety of people mixed together to see flavors and colors of all sorts. Our muse’s selection of dress and swimwear for the photo shoot was gorgeous.