Fashion Photography Shoot - Three of Something

When the clothing label Three of Something asked if I could do a shoot for them, it was organised that it be held in Fagan Park, Galston, north of Sydney. As I arrived there, I realised just what a big piece of land the park contained. Upon later research, I found the reason why — it was originally an orchard and cattle farm owned by the local Fagan family. It was later transformed into the current park that now includes various picnic areas, playgrounds, bushwalking trails and eco gardens. It has since been a popular scenic location for photo enthusiasts, as well as for fashion photography. It makes for great Boho style images.

But let’s get back to the shoot. Three Of Something gave me some creative freedom in steering their visuals to a different look. So I decided to aim for a warmer tone, whilst at the same time presenting a more provocative and alluring image for their label. Despite the freezing cold weather, the model, Claudia, just kept on modelling the whole time, not even complaining once. What a professional. How did I meet her? I literally met her on the street and asked if she would be interested to model, and thankfully she said yes!

Along for the ride that day was Kat, my Assistant, and also the Hair and Makeup Artist. A big shout out to Kat for her amazing positive attitude and enthusiasm for photography and for life! Her deep interest in everything photo related inspired me to share my passion for what I do with her. I was so happy to help her with her questions about camera settings, evaluation of conditions and framing. She assisted me so much with her own ideas and shots, as well as having her there to bounce off inspiration. All in all, the whole team enjoyed the shoot that day — something I’m grateful for as I always hope it’s a smooth and comfortable experience for everyone involved.