Brendan & Rachel's Wedding


This is the first time that Made of Light is serving as a photographer for another wedding photographer, so you can only imagine that a good amount of courage with creativity was needed to make this happen. I admit, I prepared my mind a little more than usual and thought of the shots I'd like to get and the exposure, lenses etc. which really helped getting more into a comfortable position when it comes to shooting without brainstorming too much on how, where and what (angle, subject etc) to shoot. Therefore this was a good point in my learning curve as a photographer.

The results speak for themselves and -of course- I cannot thank Rachel and Brendan enough for the opportunity to shoot their wedding in my favourite location, around Mosman. I love them as friends, couple and individuals. They kept it simple but beautiful, just like their personalities. Just like myself, they had a very turbulent lovestory, which always intrigues me to get to know more and want to photograph them, especially if that is done in Balmoral Beach; one of the most beautiful locations you can choose in Mosman for your wedding photography.