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What should my workstation look like?

Ever wonder what you should do next when it comes to buying a new computer, because your old one is too slow or too small for editing your photography? In this blog post I would like to share my personal experience and hopefully give you some positive energy to keep doing what you are, wherever you are.

To start with, I haven't ever had many possibilities when it comes to earning great money right from start and neither did I have funds from parents etc. That's where I had to learn to work with what I was given, or whatever I could afford. That's why, when I started studying architecture at university, I bought myself a small 13" Macbook; not the Pro, just the white Macbook with regular consumer grade capabilities. It literally became my workstation for everything. This goes back to 2007/2008. 

I thought I'd show you a photo of what my workstation looks like now:

Sorry for the bad iPhone photo, but I took the moment to capture a memory of a milestone and change in my life at night, while it happened. I was so excited, I didn't even clean up my desk, but I knew it would make for a good story.

Last year, in 2015, I bought the big boy next to the small, rather tiny little brother. Yes, I did do all my work in all those long and abundant 7 years on the little pony, not the workhorse, including all my weddings, editing and whatever you can think of. I want to also take the opportunity to thank apple for having built such an amazing product, which I purchased in Germany and traveled the world with me to give me always a chance to get my work done, even while being a traveling destination photographer. I still have worked most of my hours on Lightroom and Photoshop on the little mate.

I probably don't need to explain much further to answer the question as to what gear you need, to be able to do professional photography. What you see on the left has been my workstation and has supported me in becoming great at what I do. 

Of course there were times in which I would have loved to get something bigger, faster, better. That's the reason I do have something better now. I honestly think I deserve it now, but I just wanted to tell anyone out there to never feel small because of looking at what others have accomplished. Especially looking at other people's gear will just drive you crazy, as if that was the key to being great at what you do.

I hope to be able to share more of my workflow in the future, hoping that it will turn useful to anyone out there.