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Portrait Photography - Sydney Harbour Bridge

When Kendall told me that she wanted some portrait photography with the Sydney Harbour Bridge she gave me a lot to prepare mentally.

I mean, here I have a good model that wants some photography in a great location, right? Yes, that sounds all great, however, this was my first time shooting portraits on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for my usual workflow I had to prepare and try to visualize the frames prior to the shooting.

Having such a huge subject with only few angles to photograph my main subject from (in this case Kendall), put my creativity a little bit to the test and I started to make a storyboard in order to remember the compositions, which is the key of getting the right frames into my camera.

The sun was still a little bright in our beautiful Sydney, but I got my wife and assistant to counterbalance with the reflector and fill the shadows a little. The result? I loved how her face had a certain 'glow' to it, which give the photos a very special in feeling and definitely portfolio-worthy.