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Newborn Photography with Santino

I have no name , 
I am but two days old.— 
What shall I call thee? 
I happy am  
Joy is my name,— 
Sweet joy befall thee! 

-Infant Joy William Blake.

Few things in life are as special or as memorable as those first few  months of a newborn babies life. Tiny hands grasping, little legs kicking, a mouth moving silently, eyes taking in the world, each glimpse a new realization. This time is as fleeting as it is special though, and any parent will tell you how quickly a child grows.

This is why I feel that capturing those first loving moments of life is something is essential. Which is why Made of Light was honoured to be asked to take some newborn photos of little Santino.

Santino is a preemie baby, thus his tiny hands and little kicking legs, and while his posing wasn't as quick as some of the other models I've worked with he brought some great stuff to the table and, despite my expectations, was a very peaceful subject to shoot.

Humour aside, infant photography can be very challenging, and is not an area I have huge experience in, so I am grateful to Santino's parents from Sydney for letting me have this fantastic opportunity. It's wonderful to provide memories that will last down the years, and hopefully Santino will be amazed at how little he used to be.