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Portrait Photography - Kitt

Portrait shooting is a passion of mine, and with such a stunning combination of model, clothing and location it is a great joy too, so, with the afternoon sun beating down upon us and the grass rich underfoot, we set out to shoot.    

Initially the intention here was to create something ethereal, airy, as if something was raising from the old ruin. The stunning knee-length dress Kitt wears in the earlier images mimicking the forms of a spirit or a dancer, creating contrast between the harsh stony terrain and  the delicacy of the white fabric. The subtle blue hues of the dress link her to the sky and the water, juxtaposing her with the earth and stones around her. We then  moved onto a more editorial approach with the swim-ware and bushland imagery, which has an earthier, grounded tone and I think channels the water loving culture that is so linked to the Australian bush and coast. I hope the scenery and warm light  provides a few of you with some nostalgia of sitting river or beachside with friends.

Kitt, our model, was an absolute pleasure to work with, aside from her obvious beauty which worked exceptionally well with the palette I'd chosen for both locations, she is also a very expressive individual, which makes gaining that enigmatic sense of connection that much easier.

On a technical note, while this was shot entirely on a digital SLR, I applied a technique known as the Brenizer Method, a way of stitching together several images to create a thinner depth of field and a wider field of view, allowing me to capture not just beautiful subject but also breathtaking context together in one image without losing one to the other, not to mention a level of detail that rivals medium format and makes for exquisite prints